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Plants need phosphorus because it is an essential element, its necessary for growth development and geoformation.

Leangsrun CheaPostgraduate - Division of Quality of Plant Products at the University of Goettingen

Eat more potatoes!

Dr. Marcel NaumannDivision of Quality of Plant Products

Finally, an international episode of the podcast Agrar aufs Ohr! I talk to the experts Dr Marcel Naumann and Leangsun Chea about potatoes and their fertilisation. As a traditional German product, the potato is a popular choice of food. But a good product also requires good production. Phosphorus plays an important role here, as it is an essential mineral for living organisms.

The following questions will be discussed in this episode with an interesting conclusion, tune in!


  • When this mineral is deficient, what are the consequences for crops and the environment?
  • Is phosphorus indispensable and what causes phosphorus deficiency?
  • How can we avoid a phosphorus deficiency in the product and prevent an excess in the soil and groundwater?
  • Does a lot really help a lot?
Pia Ehlers

Pia Ehlers

Pia ist die Stimme in Ihrem Ohr. Jeden Monat sucht sie sich interessante Themen aus der Agrarwelt aus, schnappt sich Expert:innen und dann heißt es – Agrar aufs Ohr!

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