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You do not only learn cultural or language related things about your host country, but by meeting all the other international students, it goes far beyond that and you can end up with a network of colleagues studying the same subjects all over Europe and often even beyond that.

Dr Esther FichtlerInternational Student Advisor and Erasmus+ Coordinator at the University of Göttingen

Studying abroad offers numerous advantages and exciting opportunities for personal, academic, and professional growth. In this episode, our host Dr Esther Fichtler provides insights into exciting opportunities for agricultural students to study abroad. She explains how Erasmus+ can support your dreams of making international experiences. Discover how a few months or a semester abroad can enrich your agricultural education. Gain new perspectives, immerse yourself in different cultures, and build international networks that will be invaluable for your future career.

We will address important questions such as: What are the requirements for applying for an Erasmus+ placement? Will my courses taken abroad be credited at my home university? Where can I find more information about international opportunities in agricultural studies?

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Don‘t miss the chance to benefit from Dr Esther Fichtler‘s experience and recommendations and tune in!

Pia Ehlers

Pia Ehlers

Pia ist die Stimme in Ihrem Ohr. Jeden Monat sucht sie sich interessante Themen aus der Agrarwelt aus, schnappt sich Expert:innen und dann heißt es – Agrar aufs Ohr!

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